Friday, July 4, 2014

Baseball Season Comes to an End

Carlos played baseball another season. His second time. He is learning and had the best coach this year. Coach Roberts is a seminary teacher at Poky and made this a great learning and fun time for Carlos.
Carlos up to bat. Going for a bunt.
Carlos batting.
Taking one for the team.
Running the bases. Carlos was really good at this. His team took 2nd place but unfortunately we were on vacation in Cancun and San Diego so he was not able to play in the Championship game. We were really bummed but excited for the team. He still received a trophy because he did play in a few tournament games. Next season he will know that much more. Go Carlos!

Sold Home and New Home

We SOLD our home on 4943 Rose St and bought a new home on 777 Leonidas St. After 3X trying to sell we finally did it. We are so excited but also sad to leave our second home of almost 11 years.
Garage is empty and all are helping to get the house clean and sparkly for new owners.
Empty storage room. I will miss this room and wanting this room to be at the new home. In time.
Empty family room
Carson's empty room
Dad fixing the railing after cramming the coach up the tight stairs.
The lush lawn and flowers.
The empty kitchen
The empty garage.

Introducing the new house which will soon become our home.

777Leanoidas St. Chubbuck, Idaho
The new kitchen. More pictures to follow after we are in the home and functioning after some trips that have been planed for Michaela and the family.


Gem State Soccer Tournament

Carson and his last soccer tournament for the spring season. Gem State Tournament. This was by far a fun year filled with injury and fun! We went to many tournaments and played some very skilled teams. The team is getting better and better every season.
Filing out for the start of a game.
The line up and thanking those who came to support PVSC U-15 team in Boise, Idaho.
The prayer before a game to protect and play well. Sam Francisco offers the prayer, "Saint Francis".
Carson working hard and then.......
Carson was injured pretty bad at his third game. The doctor held his neck for about 30-45 minutes until the ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital. They would not let us take him afraid he could become paralyzed.
On the stretcher and in pain.
In pain and not moving an inch in fear he could become paralyzed.
The ambulance which I road in with Carson to the hospital. The CAT scan came back okay and the doctor released Carson that night to play in the morning. It was so scary and the most expensive soccer tournament ever.
Here Carson with his medical bracelet on just in case.
A longer prayer to thank and protect each player.
He is moving great but extremely sore.
Here Carson is with a slide tackle. This year Carson learned to play many new positions and grew leaps and bounds this year with a new coach and a stronger muscular body. We did not earn a birth in regionals but they sure played well.

Carlos....Attendance Perfection Award

There is an incentive for all 5th graders in Pocatello to not miss one day of school from Phil Meador Toyota. They receive a bike at a special ceremony. Carlos did not miss one day of school and is so excited to have a very nice bike.
Here he is before ceremony.
Getting certificate from Jason Meador.
The group from Ellis who received a bike for Perfect Attendance all year long.
A close up of Carlos and his excitement.
With his new bike! Yeah he did it. On the last 3 days of school he actually got a 24 hour bug but lucky it started Saturday and he was ready to go to school Monday.
I Made it and look at me now!
It's official, I am a Perfect Attendance winner and now on to middle school, AH!!!!!

Michaela Graduation..... Class of 2014

Michaela with her Best friend Katy
Michaela and Kaitlyn
Yes we are about there!
We can do this...Only a couple hours and we are done with school!
We are Graduates from Highland High School, Class of 2014
The 3 Friends before they graduate
Tyler wants some more Rootbeer
Before party.
The Highland Class of 2014
Can you pick out Michaela?
Getting ready to walk across the graduation floor.
Can you see her?
3 Friends all Graduated
Aren't these two so beautiful?
Michaela with her Grandma and Grandpa.
Michaela and her Aunty Jody.
The family. We are so excited!
Michaela and Tyler
Michaela and Joss.
The one group that came for Kaitlyn and Michaela.
Michaela did it! She is an official Highland High School Graduate!